The Death Of A Butterfly

There will be no angels voice to guide you home,

There wont be a highway to where you are from,

Bare-feet bleeding on the cold, sharp stone,

A night in the dessert of despair walking all alone.

The blinding blaze of desperation in the windless night,

The truth beneath the veil of lies, you have lost your sight,

‘Gainst the gravity of the unknown you try to fight,

Innocent, ignorant you are not knowing what is right.

The abyss of the deafening silence of a thousand secrets,

Lost your hearing, deafened to the silent cries of the depressed,

Longing for the days you were loved, revered and caressed,

Your insides crying, shrieking, “save me from this mess”.

Cant find joy in the colors of the rainbow so resplendent,

No beauty in the wings of the butterfly so iridescent,

You only build up hope for the painful failure in the end,

Asking yourself, “Why is everything so ephemeral, so transient?”

Agonizing pain in your soul because of the darkness of the day,

The warm light dies but the darkest shadows are here to stay,

The bloodthirsty hell hounds on your trail as you try to run away,

You feel worthless like you are not the needle but only the hay.

Silently slipping deeper into the bottomless chasm of insanity,

Smiling to the devil, staring death in the eye, to feed your vanity,

Drunk with blood for the sins of  lust, pride and profanity,

Your soul screams for a cold embrace from humanity.

The throne of ice is ablaze, the frigid blood flowing down,

In the realm of midnight the black moon seems to drown,

The dark fantasies of the blood less heart seem to crown,

The tranquility of the countless skies of the ghost town.

Repent the ungodly selfish bigotry unleash your dark surge,

The passion for sin, the chtonic unearthly lust to purge,

The smoke ‘neath the mirrors, the illusion, the urge,

Decipher the mysteries of your soul as forth they lurch.

Drowning in the shallow puddle of you own black venom,

The dark sin of the dead, tenebris peccatum mortuum ,

The grim reaper’s smile marks the dying, the black emblem,

The black frost flowing through your veins the empty vacuum.

I stare at the end of time in your lost sapphire eyes,

For the all games i played, now i pay the price,

The water turns dry, there is blood in the skies,

listen to the blood curling wails and the echoing cries.

The pain you feel no more ,the fantasies, the lies,

The unknown darkness comes beckoning, so rise,

Rise to the kingdom where the tormented wraith flies,

and the living skeleton grins ,as the butterfly dies.


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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  1. The last line. This. Is. Idk djdjsndhdjhzjsnw.

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