Splashes of dark crimson on the cold, unforgiving stone,

The fire in his rasping breath and the frost in his bone,

The shattered crown on the floor and the broken throne,

In the broken mirror even his reflection stands all alone.

The frozen lake of destiny cracks beneath his naked feet,

Through the mist comes the sound of a broken heart beat,

The shroud of hope, he adorns, offers no warmth no heat,

Against the biting cold wind that rips his bone from meat.

The ray of the sun, cold frozen, falls on the blood in the snow,

The tears of time wash away his joy and pleasure in their flow,

The fires of time burn his pain and fear and the ashes are aglow,

His lifeless smile and soulless eyes in this macabre puppet show.

The countless skies underneath bleed into his scars, morbid fears,

The eyes of hell cry onto his closed lashes, a million dreary tears,

The wailing, of those lost in a dream that never came, only he hears,

The lies screaming in his head, as face of death slowly disappears.

He finally sees now the yawning void, the entirety of the nothing,

The nothingness so complete, relief from the grasp of the living,

He steps into a silent world where he can’t hear himself breathing,

The darkest shadows underneath his shivering skin are crawling.

The beauty of death, the smile of silence, the darkness will kiss,

In his mind there is nothing anymore, his heart an unending abyss,

Then he hears scales coil and tighten, a rattle, a bone-chilling hiss,

Then unseen fangs bite him, breaking his reverie, his moment of bliss.

He is sucked back into a whirling vortex, and he is back onto the lake,

Stumbling backwards he falls onto its shore, and his senses awake,

From their restful slumber as life courts him, he realizes the snake,

Was nothing but the whisper of life, was his hopes turning opaque.

A silent wind blows, this time not a cold gust but a westerly breeze,

The darkness decays, the pain fades and death ceases to freeze,

The lake melts, the smile of hell vanishes, he steps forth with ease, 

Looks up at the sun, his eyes moist, and falls to his bleeding knees.

Emotions roll down his sunken cheeks onto the frozen ground,

The ice melts with the warm sweet tears and the pain is drowned,

At last his heart pumps life, and not just a pulsating chtonic sound,

He embraces the light of hope and kisses warmth of love new found.

His bones warm under the radiant sun and his cold flesh heats,

The numbness thaws and his blood starts to flow, life repeats,

Every breath he takes is a testimony to death whom he defeats,

He loves, with his broken heart, every fragment of life he meets.

He closes his eyelids, not fearing the death in his nightmares,

He looks up at the forlorn dark crowds, at their cold blank stares,

Standing for the dying love in the world, about which no one cares,

His hope midst the pain, in the dark skies a thousand brilliant flares. 





About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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