Wings Of Death

The water in dark and lonely eyes

dries them up white and blind,

The love in wounded hearts

tears up the hate intertwined,

The shadowed grief,

in the prison of joy, confined,

The pain of freedom

only those cold cages can remind.

The dark shackles of hope,

to fleeting love, they bind,

The cold, steel bars

of ephemeral happiness, so unkind,

The dungeons of infatuation

keep unknown emotions defined ,

The scars of agony and misery

will always remain locked behind.

The wailing voices of ecstasy,

mask the true echoes of torment,

The blaring sounds of passion

hide the real black noise of lament,

The pained cries of comfort drown

the bleeding wounds of being spent,

The false whispers of innocence,

louder than the screams of the repentant.

The fragrance of fictitious beauty

overpowers pain’s true old rancid scent,

The aroma of fake euphoric laughter

removes life’s putrid smell of ferment,

The incense of make-believe glee,

removes traces of of the soul’s resentment,

The perfume of a liar’s love

wipes away the bitter cry of the heart’s discontent.

The dimmed light of cold, stale love

rising from darkening grief’s frail tide,

The siren’s luring song of lust

carried to the altar where even pain cried,

The darkness of the night imprison

the black stars, their destiny denied,

The red dawn conceals the graying dusk,

ephemeral twilight their thin divide.

The endless beach of black sands,

where the last waves break and hide,

The plentiful fields of sentiments

that eclipse the flower of regret inside,

The fire of hope that burns off the

enclosing shadows of sorrow cast aside,

The streams of time fill up the barren sea

of life, as its sickness will subside.

The smile on the lips of the angel

as her eyes conceal the punishing pain,

The laughter of the clown

that hide his tears of desperation and complain,

The orchestra of the maestro

that veils the song of despair and bane,

The dance of the actress cloaks the blood

of her scars and hurts that stain.

The drizzle of false caring, falling faster

than depression’s torrential rain,

The breeze of transient love blowing harder

than gushing gales of disdain,

The smoldering embers of elation hotter

than the raging inferno of the insane,

The barren lands of delirium more fertile

than the lush fields of hate and restrain.

The gates of heaven will open to show

the hate inside, as the love outside will freeze,

The gardens of paradise parched with joy,

as the clouds of pain promise a moist breeze,

The broken cold bones in nirvana, look to misery

for comfort from hope’s fatal disease,

The entire Elysium bends in submission,

at the altar of despair, on bloodied knees.

The light of anguish fills the starlit night sky

as the entire world looks up and sees,

The distress fills every crater in every soul

as relentless flow of the river of time will cease,

The weary hearts tired of vaporous love search

for the brook of punishment among the black trees,

The desperation of a banal life’s guilt,

under the wings of death, is finally put to ease.


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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