Bitter Till The End Of Time

The weeping sky arches over calm waters,

in the darkening red-tinted earth, as the sleepy night stirs,

from its never ending slumber, into the darkness,

and the lonely blood-stained stars, shriek their emptiness.

By these frozen waters, i lay by your side,

the scarlet flows out of the wounds and scars i hide,

and into the waters that mirror still skies,

as the crimson swirls on the earth shrouded in ice.

I open my eyes but the darkness will stay,

in the silent moment right before dusk fades away,

the night frost covers your brittle body in my arm,

my warm hand against your soft cold palm.

The bitter wind blows straight through my ailing heart,

the grief and sorrow tears it apart,

my tears turn to blood, as i realize that what i dreamt is true,

all I wanted is the ice to hold, right till i fall through.

and fall into this chasm of torment where the ghosts still haunt,

and fall through all my dreams and lies, fall out of all that i want.

and all that i ever wanted is today for ever gone,

all i have left is the grave of guilt’s weight and an eternity to mourn,

as the wind’s harrowing cry echoes through this barren sea

with a guilt-scared heart and a blood-stained conscience i try to flee.

With a soul as dark as hell, I shed, onto this snow, all my fears,

the faintest breath of the wind and the glimmer of the moon disappears,

as i repent for what i have done, i mummer a plaintive rhyme,

into the silent mound i rest you, and kiss your frozen lips for the last time.


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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