Is It Me Or Me ?


Do you have a countless faces,

Don’t know which from which anymore?

One falls down, the other comes out,

Tearing you apart, don’t know what for.

Do you have a thousand sides and thoughts,

Between which you invariably sway?

Each night all of them slumber in you,

Not knowing how many will see the light of day.

Do a thousand emotions burn you up,

From the inside, yet none hold your mind?

While your soul searches within you,

Uncertain which “you” it will find.

Do you want to look through your own eyes,

But can only see a shrouding mist, a blur?

You want to be at one place, in one time,

Yet each moment you are not standing where you were.

Do you feel caught in a dark whirlwind,

of voices screaming inside your head?

Each showing you a road equally dreadful,

Yet each endless path you long to tread.

Do you feel yourself wanting to say,

A thousand things, none of them like the other?

Yet all you find yourself blurting out,

Is a few words, that silence will eventually smother.

Do you feel pain, love, hate, mirth

and desperation, blinding you all at once,

Yet really deep inside all you have is,

An emptiness cold enough to numb your conscience.

Do you want to leave behind all you masks,

And run away from the countless stares, unbound and free?

Yet each morning looking into the mirror,

You ask your ephemeral self, ” Is It Me Or Me? “……….


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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  1. So I hit on this poem and wow…. I feel like that right now in this moment someone’s just had a peek in my mind. This is exactly how I’m feeling. Fantastic writing. I’m a follower.
    May you have a happy tuesday 🙂

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