The Only One

The heart that you thought loved you,

The hand that you tried so hard to hold onto,

The person that you felt would stay true,

The one soul that would bleed only for you.

Was but a stranger, whose memory will fade,

Only an illusion crafted, merely a mirage made,

Bereft you of light, pushed you into the shade,

Now you stand at the cliff, where hounds once bayed.

The ones who cast you forth into this world,

The fingers around which your tiny hands curled,

The sanctuary they provided when demons hurled,

The eyes that held you steady when life swirled.

Have now gone, left you to face darkness all alone,

Against the coming winters now you stand at your own,

They now decay in timeless sleep, under the silent stone,

Now you stand at the cliff, where the winds have blown.

The tiny eyes that glimmered with mirth and delight,

The pleasant laughter that made your graying life bright,

The little body that slept by you through the night,

The small hands that held you, making the wrong seem right.

Now gone, before the secrets of life could be found,

That smile you cherished, in these dark waters, drowned

That warm, innocent voice, now will never again resound,

Now you stand at the cliff, where misery was crowned.

Man came into this world alone, and shall leave the same,

No one to share the guilt, no one else to blame,

They all will turn away, you alone have to face the shame,

Jump off this cliff you stand on, into the undying flame.

For the only one who stood by you in the seething pain,

The only one who waited with you in the icy rain,

The only one who, through the agony, will remain,

Your shadow, who nothing but your soul can stain.


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  1. Emotional, thank-you for sharing.

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