The endless horizon will lead,

Through the ageless night.

The moon will brood forever,

Sun will cast its ancient light.


Tides will come and go again,

Waves will crash on the shore.

As lonely bones, forgotten now,

I will rest here for evermore.


Life will tumble forth, as it always has,

And its blood will feed the earth.

Death will lull all into ageless sleep,

Take back what was given by birth.


Dreams shattered by decades of loss,

Like scythe against the grass.

Memories dissolve into oblivion,

And all that is, will pass.


Rivers will rise and fall endlessly,

Eroding without pity or disdain.

Winds will sing in the trees,

Its tune, but a raiment of pain.


A drop of blood will mark my birth,

A withered flower, my death.

All in between reduced to nothing,

Blown away by time’s breath.


The winds and waves will not cease,

Hands of time won’t stop turning.

Only I won’t remain, once charred by death,

Nothing can stop me from burning.


Once gone, not a tear shed, in my name,

Only tears of time wash away the past.

Nothing left behind but a legacy of dust,

And finally all that is, has passed.



About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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