Long has been the way,
heart-rending those nights.
Just like night gives in to day,
so does vanish the fading light.

I must slip into the shades,
embrace the twilight that falls.
Tears stinging more than blades,
wipe the blood from the walls.

The sand runs through my fingers,
I must undo what I have done.
That one memory still lingers,
As I go down with the sun.

My circle is complete, soon I shall leave,
I will disappear with woe in my heart,
Forever repent, always bereave,
not a tear will be shed as I depart.

No fresh flowers at the stone,
no one to remember my name.
Only withered black-roses to mourn,
Only I can take the blame.

I will never get the forgiveness I want,
never atone for the pain I caused.
Those dreams will still haunt,
even after life ceased, time paused.

I will roam the shores of eternal dark,
wander the heaths of the night,
Now on this journey, I embark,
hoping in vain for a flicker of light.

Left the confines of mortal flesh behind,
my body turns cold, death smothers,
These memories torturous yet benign,
of suffering I brought onto others.

Those visions never subsided,
Those nightmares never ceased.
Those eyes that I misguided,
Those whispers from the deceased.

All I wish for is one more day,
just to purge my mistake.
And then I’ll come away,
my soul is yours to take.

All I pray for is one more day,
just to finish my song.
And then I’ll come away,
this path has been long.

Let me tie up the threads of past,
Let me win back the broken trust
Then I will come home at last,
Then they can gather my dust.


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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