Far Above…

Far above this earthly sphere,
Rest the mighty ones,
Warmed by the fires of life,
By a countless suns.

While our blood freezes still,
In the frigid nights,
Midst the biting winds of death,
Look for the saving light.

Never will death or decay,
Touch their blithe souls,
Never feel the pain of loss,
The misery of this world.

We will perish with the winds,
Turned to dust and ash,
Be stripped of all we loved,
Take this lonely path.

Upon the warm bed of stars,
They dream without a care,
Sleep in chambers of heaven,
Slumber without a fear.

Man haunted by his dreams,
Scared of his own shadow,
Frequented by these visions,
Nightmares that never go.

Fruits from ever-blooming groves,
Water from streams of Eden,
Vault of heaven at their feet,
Spring remains the only season.

We know the pain of hunger,
Of throats being choked dry,
Of lungs filled with sorrow,
Of an emptiness inside.

Might of thunder in blazing eyes,
The sacred and divine,
Strength of universe in their grasp,
The timeless and sublime.

Plagued by weakness and disease,
The puny and powerless,
Afraid of moving out alone,
Us fragile and helpless.

No relief will ever come from above,
Forgotten ghosts forever astray,
No response from the other realm,
Life will suffer and fade away.

Drifting through this life
walk this somber road alone,
Stumbling in dark,
No one cares on heaven’s throne.


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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