These Eyes Cry No More

Time has frozen around me,
I cannot feel, cannot see,
Feel like jumping off this ledge,
Hovering somewhere near the edge.

I can’t afford to reveal,
This loneliness that i feel,
Have to carry on this tragedy,
At least for those who look up to me.

Thought hurt and blood are the same,
Gave up to these demons i cannot tame,
Let the blood drip down from me,
Countless scars have marred this body.

Only then did i realize,
Dry doesn’t mean blue skies,
I can bleed my heart away,
But this pain will always stay.

The blades have turned blunt and rusted long ago,
These smiling scars will be torn open no more.

Spent many nights sleepless,
All alone on the floor in distress,
Other nights dreams have awakened,
Guilty, in solitude, forgotten, forsaken.

Every time I stand in the crowd,
I fade away into the background,
A distant blot of grey against the dying sun,
A scrap of garbage marring the horizon.

Have cried enough for a lifetime,
Can no more call anything mine,
Trying to drown sorrow in a puddle of tears,
Not realizing I’m living the worst of my fears.

I was drowning myself in the puddle,
And the pain surfaced all of a sudden,
While i sink to the bottom of this void,
The only hope to swim is soon destroyed.

These rivers run dry now, and this heart is stone,
My soul drowned in tears, as these eyes cry no more…


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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  1. What happen to you? Yoshiko


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