A promise called love

A pair of hands clutching tight,
trembling, soft and young.
Eyes filled with innocent light,
songs of five summers they sung.

While his eyes filled with expression,
telling tales that made her laugh.
Her’s filled with wonder and adoration,
of what he spoke, she got only half.

Yet her hands folded ‘neath her chin,
she listened, listening to him was a delight.
His hands flying, another story to begin,
that he would tell till the morning light.

With blades, where the birch tree stands
carved their names, blood on the ground.
The first cuts on those tender hands,
now, forever their hearts would be bound.

Years fluttered by, leaves in the winds of time,
he grew fonder in her heart, she in his eyes.
Friendship grew into a feeling so sublime,
that his eyes wept pain, when her’s cried.

Spend countless nights ‘neath the birch,
holding each other’s hand so tight.
Through their hearts, love did surge,
became each other’s in the cold twilight.

When he looked into her deep brown eyes,
she felt warmth spreading through her soul,
He kissed her ‘neath the dying skies,
pulled her closer, away from pain and cold.

When she held his hand, fingers locked,
he felt he belonged to her and her alone.
Hands held, through the night they talked,
falling deeper in love, their destiny unknown.

The dagger of time split the one in two,
darkened hollows where cold winds blew.
Scarring hearts, eyes could cry no more,
crown of thorns of solitude they wore.

Without the other, both adorned cloaks,
flames died in rain of tears, only smoke.
Merry on the surface, empty down below.
not the white rose, but only its black shadow.

With loneliness in their hollow eyes,
from different paths, they reached the birch.
In a moment they forgot all the pain and lies,
In tears of love their hearts submerged.

Holding each others weathered hands,
tears in their arms they smothered.
Made delicate love on the soft sands,
made a promise to never leave the other.

Wrinkled hands, only skin and bones,
Years later, still clutching, afraid to let go.
weary and tired eyes, afraid to atone,
looked at the other, lovingly, forevermore.

One last time they went to the tree, together,
sat under it, in the shadows of the dying sun.
One last time, passionately kissed each other,
This battle ‘gainst misery they had finally won.

She still goes to the tree every night,
only his memories left till the morning light.
The time when she first looked into his eyes,
feels the love that ever died, starts to cry.

Runs her fingers down their names,
these carvings have outlived the flames,
That burnt the tree, to force them apart.
a promise held strong, bound their hearts.


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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