A Lonely Pair Of Footsteps….

As we walked slowly, her hand in mine,

The feeling deep inside was far beyond sublime,

Fingers entwined, clutching hard,

Scared, something might tear us apart.

We walked in silence and she blushed,

Every time I put my arm around her,

A tinge on pink on skin perfect white,

I kept gazing at her through the night.

All of a sudden she stopped and turned,

Something in her eyes showed she yearned,

For something she knew only I could give,

A reason to forget pain and dwell in love.

I stood staring into her deep brown eyes,

And found only infatuation staring back lovingly,

The moon should never set, the sun never rise,

I prayed, this moment should become eternity.

She smiled as I looked at her, beauty beyond words,

I felt as if love would make my heart burst,

Then we looked up at the stars and I pulled her close,

And whispered in her ear, “I will get you one of those”.

She smiled and then kissed me, the perfect kiss it was,

Two lovers in each other’s arms, under the blanket of stars,

She smelled of lilac and vanilla and tasted of honey,

For a long while did we kiss, neither of us in a hurry.

As our lips slowly parted and we looked into each other’s eyes,

We both knew it was that painful moment of goodbye, 

I pulled her close, we embraced under the starry sky,

Her head on my chest, i hoped she could feel the love inside.

I was silently praying inside, “Let her know how much i love her,

Let her know i care, neither me nor she will stay but our love will last forever,

She is the reason i breathe, she is the blood in my veins,

And our love will keep us warm, despite the cold gales of pain”.

I knew she had to go, but I could not bear the parting,

And the love inside was as warming as it was right from the starting,

One last time i kissed her and said, “Wait for me darling, i will come tomorrow,

As i always have, and i will, till the day all is washed away with sorrow.

And on that day i will finally be with you, my love, forever,

And on that day you will be mine and I yours, nothing can pull us apart ever”,

She smiled so beautifully, my heart wanted to cry,

Her eyes glimmered in broken moonlight and I said “Goodbye”.

She drifted away towards where she belonged, like the evening mist,

over the snowy plains, and she was gone, a reminiscent of the lips I kissed,

Tears filled my eyes; love, my heart, every grain of me wanted to be with her

And hold her tight and never let go, be beside her gazing at the stars forever.

With a heart full of longing I turned back and walked to where i came from,

Her scent still lingered around me, her slender grace made me numb,

In my mind were the visions of the day, it would be just her and me,

All that was left was a lonely pair of footsteps, to and from, the gates of the cemetery.



Image Courtesy:http://www.123rf.com/stock-photo/lonely_footsteps.html


About qwertythoughts289

Hi guys!!!!!!! I'm a teenager and this is my first fling at writing So i hope you like it please follow, like and comment. Thanks

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  1. Well, you’re so deep in love I can’t see you

  2. Beautiful and heartbreaking. Even when we say ‘goodbye’ to one we love, they manage to stay with us.

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